it's More than just

rocks and metal.

Throughout history and across many cultures jewellery has been gifted, worn and treasured as a symbol of personal expression and meaning - "wearable art". It is often used as a way to hold onto the memories of loved ones and many families hand down significant pieces through generations as heirlooms.

As a craft jewellery-making has seen dramatic development and change over time. From prehistoric bone, shell and stone jewellery, through the early stages of metalworking into the modern era where new materials, techniques and design principles were adopted, we now find ourselves in the "disposable" world where quality products are often overlooked for cheaper and faster alternatives.

Jewellery is no different. Many people find the idea of spending money on something that is essentially rocks and metal dug from the ground ridiculous - and fair enough!

For those who appreciate considered design, a well-made product that lasts and good old-fashioned customer service - you've come to the right place!


What can i do for you?

engagement rings

wedding rings


custom-made pieces



Ring re-sizing

Fast and quality ring re-sizing service. I've been resizing rings since I was an apprentice, so I could just about do them with my eyes closed!

Repairs and restoration

From claw re-tipping, broken chains or a new shank for a worn out ring, as a fully qualified manufacturing jeweller I am able to repair and restore any pieces in need. 

I like a challenge and have the confidence to tackle jobs other jewellers might turn away. 

Rhodium plating

White gold is naturally a dull grey-silver colour so it is plated with rhodium to give it that bright white appearance. Over time this layer wears off and requires re-plating.

A same-day rhodium plating service for rings in need.

Cleaning and polishing

Make scratched and dinged-up rings like new again with a full emery, polish and clean or give dirty ones a quick polish and clean to brighten them up.

You'd be amazed what a difference it makes!