who is teeps?


Name: Tim Parker

Nickname: Teeps

Years as a jeweller: Started my apprenticeship at the beginning of 2010, fully qualified in 2013.

Operating own business: Since January 2016.

Trained by: My dad, John. I'm incredibly lucky to have learnt the old-school tricks of the trade from him!

Biggest lessons gained: Dad was always big on doing the fundamentals well and paying meticulous attention to detail. I'm always amazed at the way dad works. He sees things differently and approaches manufacturing in a very creative and imaginative way. Hopefully some of that has rubbed off on me!

Life before jewellery: After high school I studied architecture at uni for a couple of years and I learnt a lot about different design philosophies and principles in that short time. I also worked odd jobs and did a bit of backpacking.

Philosophy: Keep it simple - "less is more". I am a massive believer in letting the materials and gemstones speak for themselves. I'm not into ornamentation just for the sake of it or trying to re-invent the wheel. I'm interested in the relationship between different materials and finishes, geometries, clean lines and attention to detail. 

Influences: Architecture, furniture design, the Art Deco period, mid-century modernism, geometry.

Favourite materials/gemstones: I love working with 18ct. yellow gold. It's beautiful and soft and solders nicely and has an almost buttery feel when cutting or filing. Looks-wise I lean towards white gold, but I'm also a big fan of the coppery colour of rose gold.

Diamonds are incredible things. I absolutely love sapphires too. They're great to work with because they're super hard, come in every colour of the rainbow and are beautifully bright when cut well.

Awards: In 2012 I won a JAA Australasian Jewellery Design Award as an apprentice for a piece I designed and made - a sterling silver hinged mirror compact featuring specially cut onyx, mother of pearl, turquoise and diamonds. 

Goals: To keep growing my business steadily and meet new clients, to broaden my knowledge and keep learning new skills to help me develop further as a designer, jeweller and business owner and to incorporate more travel into my business. I would also like to design and retail my own signature range of engagement and wedding rings.

Away from the workbench: I'm very close to my family and friends, so spending time with them is important to me. I'm also a keen golfer, a game I've loved and played since I was a kid. I'm happiest on the golf course. It's a great way to get away from the demands of running a business. I also love fishing, music and watching the mighty Adelaide Crows.