The process - we're in it together.

1. consultation, design & quote


We will arrange a time to sit down and chat about what it is you're after. With your vision and my guidance I will gather all the necessary details as well as discuss the overall style and design of your piece, what materials you would like and determine your budget. I can then do some sketches and provide you with a quote.

2. source and select stones


Once we have determined your budget and requirements I am able to source a range of diamonds or gemstones for you to come back and look at, compare and choose from. I will eliminate any confusion for you by explaining the details of the stones in a simple and honest way you can understand. 

3. Finalise design & quote


Once you are happy with your choice of stone(s) we will go over the design one last time and revise the original quote if needed. Then it's up to you to give me the green light!

4. manufacture & stone setting

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

Time for me to do my thing! From melting and alloying the precious metal, to rolling, shaping, filing, soldering - every aspect of the manufacturing process is done in my workshop by hand.

Unlike many jewellery workshops, even the stone setting is done in-house. This means a consistent and high quality service and ensures your treasured piece remains safe!

5. Finishing touches


Now it's time to really give your piece some love. Whether you want to make a statement with a matte or brushed finish or want to sparkle with a high polish finish and rhodium plating, the final stages of manufacture are hugely important.

Attention to detail here is the difference between an average-looking piece and one that really stands out from the rest. 

6. collect finished piece


The moment you've been waiting for! After all those sleepless nights you're now ready to come and see what I've been creating. 

As well as your new heirloom you'll take home a detailed appraisal to keep your insurance company happy along with any diamond certificates to go with it. I also often take photos during the manufacturing process which I am happy to provide digital copies of.