some common questions answered...

Why custom/handmade?

There are many benefits of having a custom piece handmade. The obvious one is quality. As opposed to mass produced pieces, which are usually made in large factories overseas, you can guarantee that a handmade piece has been made with careful attention to detail by a trained and qualified jeweller meaning higher quality materials are used, proper design and therefore a longer lifespan. Mass produced "off the shelf" pieces tend to be lightweight/hollow and don't handle day to day wear as well. It is also common for stones to fall out due to poor setting.

How much should I spend on an engagement ring?

The old myth that you should spend a certain number of months wages on an engagement ring is rubbish! There is absolutely no rules other than - spend what you can budget for and afford.

Where do you buy diamonds from and how do I know i'm getting what i pay for?

Tim only buys diamonds, and all gemstones for that matter, directly from reputable merchants. All diamonds purchased (above 0.30ct. weight) come with appropriate certification documents.

Do i need to book an appointment for a consultation?

If you would like to meet up and have a chat about having something custom made or repaired it is essential to arrange an appointment. This ensures we have enough time set aside for me to be able to give you the best service possible.

How many meetings will we need to have?

This varies from job to job. For engagement rings or jobs requiring me to source gemstones the process generally involves an initial consultation to gather all the required specifications and information needed to get started, possibly a second brief meeting to view a selection of stones to choose from and the final step of picking up the finished piece. I strive to keep communication open with my clients and give progress updates if needed.

I live interstate/overseas, am i still able to have something custom made?

Absolutely! Over the years I have had the pleasure of dealing with a number of interstate and overseas customers. Although it would be more ideal to meet in person for sizing etc., there are ways around things and I am more than happy to guide you. With solid, clear communication during the process we can get the job done!

How long does a custom job take to make?

This varies significantly from job to job depending on the complexity of the piece and my current workload. As a rough guide I generally allow 4-6 weeks for more simple jobs and 6-8 weeks for more complex pieces. Special arrangements can be made for urgent jobs on request.

How does payment work?

Payment of a 50% deposit is required for the job to go ahead once you are happy with the quoted price. Payment of remaining balance is to be paid in full upon picking up your finished piece. Payment methods taken are cash, eftpos, credit/debit card and direct transfer. Sorry, Amex not accepted.

Please note if you wish to pay the balance via direct transfer you must do so before collecting your piece.